Transaction Cost Management

Transaction costs is inescapable in investing.

Lowering costs increase the overall portfolio return, with certainty.

We manage transaction costs strategically, throughout the whole investment chain.

Why Is Our Approach Better?

We minimise costs throughout: our choice of investment universe, in selecting investment strategy, by integrating transaction costs into portfolio optimisation, reducing costs via automation and our choice of broker partner.
Our portfolio optimiser includes transaction costs to weight the cost-benefit of undertaking a trade. By including transaction costs in our backtest, we provide a realistic returns estimation for decision making.
We use Interactive Broker (IB) that has the lowest commission with enhanced price execution. According to IHS Markit, IB improved execution prices by USD 0.47 per 100 shares vs. the industry in the first half of 2020.
Incurring transaction costs is inevitable. Find out how we minimise this holistically throughout the investment journey