Fund Management and
Investment Advisory SaaS for
the Sharing and Digital Age

Do You Want To:

  • Provide personalised investing solutions and deliver them digitally at competitive fees
  • Deliver thematic, Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI), multi-factor and goal based investing
  • Leverage on the sharing economy and smart analytics to improve profitability
  • Launch global investment products without additional headcount or expenditure on systems
  • Focus on client engagement and grow your business without being entangled by onerous back office operations

Cammillion offers integrated investment solutions with smart analytics to enable institutions deliver trackable and personalised investment services.

Our white labelled solutions enable institutions to launch within weeks and
without costly infrastructure investment.

Thematic, sustainable, personalised, automated portfolio construction solutions

  • Investing using thematic, Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI), multi-factor and goal based concepts
  • Customisable portfolio construction solutions your clients' differing investment needs
  • Integrated portfolio construction, risk and transaction costs management, producing optimal portfolios
  • Streamline idea generation, backtesting, personalisation and deployment on a single platform
  • Multi-factor approach including alternative data and based on Markowitz's Nobel prize winning approach

Automated and built to scale back office solutions

  • Automated portfolio rebalancing and monitoring with straight through processing
  • Customisable fee plans and client billing integrated with Customer Relationship Management
  • Choice of account base currency with automated FX conversion for non-base currency trades
  • Integrated client reporting and portfolio performance attribution
  • Partnership with a global broker for low cost and best price execution and custodial services

Capitalise on smart analytics for the sharing and digital age

  • Track digital footprint of investment products from leads to conversions and to fees generated
  • Analytics to manage, track, analyse and optimise outreach campaigns in real-time
  • Transparent system to reward excellent client engagement and investment performance
  • Customisable business logic to shape team dynamics & suit business case
  • Feedback real-time analytics and performance to manager and individual stakeholder

Multi-lingual chatbot adopting Nobel Prize winning investment approach

  • Impress users with personalised portfolio using Nobel Prize winning approach
  • Build relationships on social media in real-time and funnel leads to conversions
  • Converse in multiple languages and respond to customers at scale
  • Automate dissemination of insights and client service with option to transfer chat to human
  • Proprietary data taxonomy and customisable responses to make the bot uniquely yours