Wealth Management SaaS for the Sustainable and Sharing Age

Are You Looking To


Provide personalised investing solutions and deliver them digitally at competitive fees


Deliver thematic, Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI), multi-factor and goal based investing


Engage and attract clients on social media?


Leverage on the sharing economy and data science to improve profitability


Launch global investment products without additional headcount or expenditure on systems


Focus on client engagement and grow your business without being entangled by onerous back office operations

Cammillion offers integrated investment solutions with smart analytics to enable institutions deliver trackable and personalised investment services.

Cammillion Portfolio Construction Solutions Sustainable Responsible Factor Goal Thematic Investing

Portfolio Construction Solutions

Cammillion Back Office Solutions

Back Office Solutions

Cammillion Smart Analytics

Smart Analytics

Cammillion Investment Chatbot

Investment Chatbot

Our white labelled solutions enable institutions to launch within weeks and without costly infrastructure investment.

Our Advantages

Extensive investment strategies

Customisable & fully integrated

Sustainable & proprietary tech

Integrated portfolio optimiser

Embrace social / sharing economy

Analytics for digital / sharing age

Don't pay when you don't gain

We align our interests with our long term partners and institutional clients.

We only charge a percentage of the revenues directly attributable to our efforts.

There are no upfront, setup, recurring or hidden fees of any kind.