Goal Based Investing

Help your clients achieve their goals

Investment plan tailored to your clients’ lifestyles

Circumstances change over time. Our personalised plans are designed to adapt and help your clients achieve their goals on their own terms and using your products.

Putting your clients' money to work

We help your clients make the most of their savings and build a better future with you.

Globally diversified portfolio

We help your clients invest across multiple asset classes globally to mitigate risks and maximise returns.

How It Works

The more we know your clients, the better we can serve you.

We objectively assess your clients’ risk preferences.

What are your clients saving for?

Whether your clients are saving for a new home, their child’s education or their retirement, we can tailor the right plan for them.

A personal plan, uniquely your clients’

Based on your clients’ needs, we will create personalised portfolios that match their goals without taking unnecessary risks.

Adaptive to your client’s life

Our dynamic algorithm will adapt to your client’s life circumstances (e.g. spending patterns, bonus, new car) and adjust optimally.

We design the plan around your products

Using your products, our smart algorithm monitors and rebalances your clients’ portfolios regularly to ensure their goals are on track.